$632,000 AI Sales Funnel – Step-by-Step Guide to Agency AI Email Campaigns

AI powered email campaigns can bring in some serious dough 💰. With an 80% open rate and a 1% conversion rate, you’re looking at a 83x return on investment. Plus, with personalized lines and videos using AI, you’re making every lead feel like a VIP. It’s a game-changer! 🔥 #AI #EmailMarketing


In this video walkthrough, we will break down the process of launching a cold email campaign that is projected to bring in approximately $4.5 million worth of leads for a client. This demonstrates the use of AI in sales campaigns to achieve optimal performance without any cost.

Overview of the Funnel

The AI sales funnel that we will be discussing comprises several facets and includes AI tools that enhance its performance significantly. This approach has been successfully implemented for real clients, producing outstanding results.

General Targets and KPIs

The key performance indicators for this campaign include an 80% open rate and a 1% conversion rate, leading to the generation of $4.5 million in leads and $600,000 in revenue. This translates to an 83x return on a total cost of $7,200.

KPIs Results
Open Rate 80%
Conversion Rate 1%
Revenue Generated $600,000

Setting Up the Cold Email Campaign

When setting up a cold email campaign, it is crucial to consider lead sourcing, warming up email addresses, vetting and targeting leads, and selecting the appropriate email marketing system and CRM.

Lead Sourcing

To acquire leads for the campaign, we primarily use the Cognism and UpLead databases. These platforms provide comprehensive data on individuals and companies, allowing for targeted outreach through various criteria such as industry, company size, and event triggers.

Warming Up Email Addresses

To ensure that emails do not end up in spam folders, we utilize tools such as LM Warm and Instantly to gradually increase the sending volume, resulting in higher warm-up scores for the email addresses.

Email Address Warm-up Score
Hidden Email 72

Testing and Validation

A critical aspect of email campaigns is the process of split testing, which involves testing different subject lines, email sequences, lead parameters, and AI-driven variables to optimize performance.

Split Testing

In this campaign, we are testing 18 different subject lines and evaluating the impact of industry and company size on conversions. Through AI-driven tools, we aim to achieve a response rate of over 70% for personalized subject lines and copy.

Split Test Variables Results
Subject Lines 18
Email Sequences 4
AI-driven Variables Personalization

Leveraging AI Tools

The AI tools utilized in this campaign, such as personalized lines and personalized videos, are instrumental in enhancing personalization and customization of outreach efforts, leading to significantly higher response rates and improved performance.

Personalized Lines

Custom lines catered to individual leads are generated using AI, providing a personalized touch to each email. This results in a greater sense of customization, driving higher conversion rates.

Personalized Videos

By leveraging AI, personalized videos are created to make each recipient feel that the content has been tailored specifically for them. This level of personalization significantly enhances engagement and response rates.

AI Tools Application
Personalized Lines Customization
Personalized Videos Engagement


The use of AI in sales campaigns has revolutionized the approach to cold email outreach, delivering exceptional results in lead generation and revenue generation. The strategic combination of targeted leads, customized emails, and leveraging AI tools drives remarkable returns and opens up new possibilities for sales strategies.

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