My 2024 Productivity Setup, Powered by AI

AI-powered productivity setups are the future. Shortwave’s AI assistant makes managing emails a breeze. Ark Browser and Fabric use AI for efficient research and content curation. Dex helps manage contacts and stay connected. Neat reader simplifies organizing documents, while Sniped enhances podcast listening. Napkin aids in revisiting ideas, and Text AI Assistant is great for content creation. Rise’s AI focus timer ensures productivity. Embrace AI for a more efficient workflow. #FutureOfWork πŸš€

Shortwave AI Email App πŸ“§

Shortwave is an incredible email app with an AI assistant that makes managing your inbox a breeze. Its AI can even write emails for you, saving you time and effort.

Features Description
AI Assistant Helps manage email inbox with ease
Bundling Organizes emails into relevant categories
Smart Labels Automatically categorizes emails for easy access

Ark Browser for Researching 🌐

Ark Browser is a great tool for research, summarizing web content, and organizing ideas through its canvas feature.

  • Arc Search automatically summarizes web content for efficient research.
  • Split-screen feature for browsing multiple tabs simultaneously.
  • Easel is an infinite canvas for visually organizing ideas.

Fabric for Content Curation πŸ“š

Fabric is an AI-powered digital filing cabinet that organizes and labels your saved content for easy retrieval.

Key Takeaways:

  • AI labeling and semantic search make finding content easy.
  • AI assistant can answer questions about saved content and read texts within PDF files.

Milan for Visual Curation πŸ–ΌοΈ

Milan’s lovely animations and visual organization features make it a great app for curating content.

  • Clip and organize content from the internet using columns, tables, and arrows.
  • Ideal for curating and organizing project materials.

Dex for Relationship Management πŸ‘₯

Dex is a dedicated tool for managing relationships and contacts across various social networks, making it easy to stay in touch with connections.

  • Unified list of all connected people across social networks.
  • AI features for automatic replies and message suggestions.

Reader for Document Organization πŸ“°

Reader is an all-in-one app for organizing different types of documents and supports AI-powered content summaries.


  • Can I use Reader to save highlights and notes from documents? Yes, you can easily make highlights and sync them to your favorite note-taking app.

Sniped for Podcast Listening 🎧

Sniped is an AI podcast player that offers time-saving features such as auto-transcription summaries and audio highlights.

  • Automated podcast transcriptions for quick content understanding.
  • Ability to save and share audio highlights with other users.

Napkin for Note-Taking πŸ“

Napkin is a digital notepad that automatically organizes your thoughts, making it easy to revisit and connect ideas later on.

  • A calm, mindfulness-centered approach to note-taking and idea organization.
  • Syncs with other note-taking apps for seamless content transfer.

Text AI Assistant for Writing πŸ“

Text AI Assistant is a customizable AI tool for writing, providing various personas, knowledge bases, and templates for unique and authentic content creation.

Rise is a comprehensive productivity tool that leverages AI for email management, research, content curation, relationship management, document organization, podcast listening, note-taking, and writing assistance. With these AI-powered apps, you can enhance your productivity and streamline various aspects of your work and personal life. Try them out and experience the benefits of AI-driven productivity firsthand!

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