Saadi’s quest to find the mother of the abandoned child.

Finding the lost child’s parents is like searching for a needle in a haystack. The twists and turns of this journey are like a rollercoaster ride. The emotions are as mixed as a bag of Skittles. It’s a blend of heartbreaking and heartwarming moments. Like a puzzle, piecing together the clues to find the missing link. The quest for the truth is like chasing a rainbow. 🌈

🕵️ Search Missions and Cold Nights

  • Saadi pleads with the villagers in an emotional appeal that you should watch the video to the end. Hallo Alik.

🧯 Warming the Hut and Finding Parents

  • The discussion around lighting up the hut quickly turns as Samira and his team gear up to go look for the found child’s parents.
Search Locations Locations to Visit
In the villages Samira and I are driving in my car to search for her parents. Bring the letter with us

📬 The Lost Child and His Parents

"My dad is an addict," he said. "My mom can’t do it either."

Samira will take care of his daughter until we return.

🚗 The Search for the Missing Parents

Description Actions to Take
Tell your neighbors if anyone has lost a child Use the letter to ask around if anyone has lost a child

🚫 A Perplexing Lack of News

  • The team couldn’t find any trace of the child’s parents, nor could anyone recognize the child from the villages they visited.

🍼 A Generous Offering

"He’s hungry, give him some milk."

📦 A Kind Gesture

"Take this money, go to the store and buy some equipment."

💔 The Heartbreaking Reality

  • The reality of the child’s situation pushes Saadi to acknowledge that the child might fall ill in the ongoing cold weather if his parents are not found soon.

🏚️ A Sign of Hope

Future Steps Areas of Focus
Fix the roof Look for the child’s family in the lower villages

🙏 Selfless Determination

  • "It is my duty to help the poor," affirms Saadi in a heartfelt plea.

🍊 A Need for More Assistance

  • The video ends with a touching appeal for the viewers to aid the ongoing search as another child’s fate is still left in the balance.

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