I Developed an AI Tool to Substitute My Sales Representative (Without Any Coding)

I built an AI sales rep that never sleeps, never takes breaks, and never loses a lead–and the crazy thing is, it sounds just like me! And guess what? I did it all without writing a single line of code. If you want to know how, just watch this and learn something new! 😎🚀 #NoCoding #AISalesRep

Creating a Viable 24/7 Sales Rep

Have you ever imagined having a sales rep that works 24/7, never takes breaks, and never loses a lead? Well, I just made that dream a reality, and the crazy thing is that it’s my own voice trained on my own knowledge. I built the entire thing without writing a single line of code. Interested in learning how? Let’s dive in.

The Goal Behind Building the AI Sales Rep

I have been running events where I teach people how to launch their startups with code and AI. The main goal is to follow up with people who join the events, answer any of their questions, and let them know about the programs and coaching we offer to help them launch their products.

Key Takeaways
– Dream of the perfect sales rep come true
– No coding required to build this AI tool
– Training my own voice to be the AI rep

The 3 Tools Used for Building the AI Sales Rep 🛠️

The first platform used is Synth Flow, a platform to build AI agents that can be integrated as chatbots or voicebots. I trained it with information obtained from my own knowledge.

The second tool is 11 Labs, which allows me to clone my voice and even modify settings to speak in different accents.

The third tool is Twilio, commonly used for building automation and communication systems.

Step-by-Step Process of Using 11 Labs

  • Navigating to the voice lab tab and creating a new voice clone named "me."
  • Uploading a clip of my voice and setting the voice preferences.

Creating the AI Sales Rep within Synth Flow ⚙️

Configuring the AI Agent

  • Designating the AI agent for outbound sales for "We Are No Code."
  • Customizing the voice agent to use my own voice from 11 Labs and setting language preferences.
  • Setting up SMS capabilities for the AI agent.
– Can the AI agent be customized for voice and language preferences?
– Are there SMS capabilities integrated into the AI agent?

Introducing Synth Flow’s Campaign Feature

  • Creating a new campaign for outbound sales targeted at specific leads.
  • Setting up time frames, budget, and calling parameters within the campaign.

Logs and Monitoring

  • Checking the logs to monitor campaign interactions and track conversations with leads.

Test Call Results and Next Steps

A test call to a recipient was successful, and now the focus is on refining the voice clone and fine-tuning the AI agent’s script.

Conclusion: With no technical skills required, I’ve successfully built an AI sales rep to work tirelessly for my company. If you’re an early-stage startup founder or non-technical entrepreneur, you too can create your own sales rep using these tools.

Key Takeaways
– Successfully tested a call with the AI rep
– Tailoring and improving the voice clone and script

Now, it’s time for you to build your own AI sales rep. If you’re at the early stages of launching your startup and need guidance on which no-code tools to use, check out the next video where I review and recommend over 200 no-code tools. Happy building!

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