⚠️ Take your funds out of MEXC immediately! ⚠️ They are holding accounts! You might lose all your money! ⚠️

Mexi exchange freezing accounts is a serious issue. They control your money and stop withdrawals without reason. This is why decentralized exchanges like PancakeSwap will thrive. Don’t keep money you can’t afford to lose on Mexi. I’ll make sure they fix this issue. Tag Mexi on Twitter and let them know what’s really going on. Cheers!

It has come to my attention that MexC Global is currently freezing user accounts and preventing the withdrawal of funds. This is a serious warning for anyone using this exchange. I highly recommend taking immediate action to protect your funds and avoid potential losses. Keep reading to find out the details of this concerning issue and how it may impact you.

The Issue at MexC Global 🚨

I want to shed light on a recent problem with MexC Global that has been affecting numerous users. It appears that the exchange has been stopping people from withdrawing their funds, causing frustration and uncertainty among its user base. If you are currently using MexC for trading or holding your crypto assets, it’s crucial that you are aware of this situation and take proactive measures to safeguard your investments.

Here’s an example of what a user experienced: "I’ve been trading on MexC, and they’ve locked my account for no reason due to risk control. I can’t make any trades or anything else. I’ve reached out to customer service, provided my KYC video, but it would take over 30 days to resolve."

Understanding the Risk Control Issue 🛑

Upon further investigation, it has been revealed that MexC utilizes a risk control protocol that triggers account limitations when users engage in certain types of trading activities, particularly with low market cap coins. This has led to significant inconveniences for many users, with some not being able to access their funds at all.

And, when contacting the MexC support team for assistance, the process of resolving these issues has been slow and unsatisfactory for affected users. This raises serious concerns about the control and accessibility of users’ funds on the exchange.

The Call to Take Action 📢

It is imperative that all MexC users consider the potential risks and uncertainties associated with this situation. In light of this warning, I strongly advise taking necessary steps to withdraw your funds from MexC and explore alternative secure options, such as obtaining a hardware wallet or transacting through trusted exchanges.

This should not be taken lightly, as the inability to access your funds can have significant implications for your crypto holdings. Users should prioritize their financial security and ensure that they have the autonomy to manage their funds without undue interference.

Speaking Up Against MexC’s Practices 🔒

I have personally experienced issues with MexC that have prompted me to question the reliability of this exchange. The arbitrary limitations and lack of responsive solutions provided by MexC have undermined my confidence in their services.

While I acknowledge that this may not be the experience of every user, it is essential to address these concerns for the benefit of all participants in the crypto community. It is crucial to hold exchanges accountable for their actions and advocate for fair and transparent practices that uphold the rights of their users.

To be continued… 🔄

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