Unlock the Power of Perplexity AI for Research – Mind-blowingly Intelligent!

Using Perplexity AI for research is like having a super-smart assistant! Co-pilot helps you find what you need, from recent review papers to understanding complex figures. No more wasting time reading boring papers – just ask Perplexity AI for key points! And it can even recommend future research directions. This tool is a game-changer for researchers – no more throwing computers out of windows! Plus, it’s way better than chat GPT. 😎📚🔍


When you first go perplexity, it looks like this – this is perplexity AI. First of all, you can see it’s very simply laid out and very familiar, especially for those who are used to something like chat GPT. Asking questions on here is where it starts. There are options for different fields such as academic, writing, Wolfram Alpha, YouTube, and Reddit.

Co-pilot and Focus Features

In the Co-pilot feature, it not only figures out what you want but also asks clarifying questions to ensure the perfect answer every single time. When you’re on Pro, you get 600 co-pilot searches, and on Free, you get 5. The Focus feature allows you to narrow down your search to specific fields.

Asking Questions and Finding Sources

The AI model starts searching the web for sources based on your questions. It provides a neatly formatted list with clickable references for further exploration.

Key Takeaways:

  • Co-pilot provides customized answers and asks clarifying questions
  • The Focus feature narrows down specific fields of interest
  • The AI searches the web for sources and presents them in a structured manner

The Power of Images

The AI can understand and provide explanations for complex images associated with research papers. It’s able to identify and explain intricate details within images, making it a powerful tool for researchers.

Creating a Story from Figures

You can upload main figures from a research paper, and the AI will help you create a coherent narrative around the development and evaluation of composite materials.


  • Can you create a story using figures from a research paper?

Summarizing Key Points from Papers

You can upload a paper and ask the AI to summarize its key points. It provides a detailed and powerful answer, making it easier for researchers to comprehend complex papers.

In conclusion, Perplexity AI offers a range of powerful features that make it a valuable tool for researchers in various fields. Its ability to understand complex images, summarize key points from papers, and create coherent narratives sets it apart as a smart research companion.

Key Takeaways Table:

Feature Description
Co-pilot Provides customized answers and asks clarifying questions to tailor responses
Focus Feature Narrows down the search to specific fields of interest
Image Understanding AI can understand and explain complex images associated with research papers
Paper Summarization Upload a paper and ask the AI to summarize its key points, providing a detailed and powerful answer

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