A Day in the Life of a Software Engineer and YouTuber in New York City.

– A day in the life of a Software Engineer & YouTuber is like riding a rollercoaster through the clouds. It’s a whirlwind of juggling code dragons by day and creating a content empire by night. Sometimes I feel like I’m on top of the world, other times I’m just trying to Google what a lime is. It’s a wild ride, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything else. 🎢🌟

The Morning Routine of a Multitalented Individual 🌅

As a software engineer and YouTuber in NYC, life can feel like a whirlwind. Every morning, I like to start the day with some classical music. This habit helps ease the anxiety of waking up and prepares me for the day ahead. As I drink from my red Solo cups (my makeshift solution to not having proper cups in my new place), I reflect on my recent loss of that childlike wonder and excitement. Despite this, I make it a point to start the day with a workout routine to rejuvenate my spirits.

Morning Routine
Classical music to start the day
Reflecting on recent loss of wonder and excitement
Make use of red Solo cups
Commitment to a morning workout

Balancing Work and Passion Projects 🎨

After taking a look at my daily calendar, I migrate to my home office to tackle work tasks before transitioning to the bustling office scene. Ensuring to soak in some sunshine and fresh air during lunch at the rooftop terrace, I seek to elevate my work-life balance. Working on the security team as a backend software engineer introduces a new adventure for me. While I acknowledge the transition and appreciate the annual performance review process, I can’t help but miss my days as a full-stack developer.

Juggling Work and Passion Projects
Adapting to a new role as a backend software engineer
Embracing the security team mentality
Nostalgia for full-stack development days
Efforts during the annual performance review

The Hustle Continues Beyond Office Hours 🌟

My passion for creating content on YouTube comes to life after clocking out of my software engineering endeavors. Managing weekly uploads and keeping up with my channel’s rhythm is no easy feat, yet it brings me a different kind of fulfillment. As the evening approaches, my trusty task management tool helps me maintain my focus and goals for both my professional career and creative pursuits.

Navigating Between Two Worlds
Commitment to content creation on YouTube
Juggling managerial tasks for creative projects
Relying on a task management tool
Aiming for a balance between professional and creative goals

Weekend Adventures of a Creator and Work Enthusiast 🎉

Weekends mark a shift in my daily routine. Spending quality time with dear friends, engaging in some occasional cooking, and engaging in deep late-night conversations tend to dominate my Fridays. As I nurture myself, I acknowledge the search for a balanced lifestyle that is still ongoing.

Weekend Adventures
Embracing quality time with friends
Moments of cooking and shared meals
Meaningful late-night discourse
The pursuit of a balanced, fulfilled lifestyle

In conclusion, life as a software engineer and YouTuber can be both demanding and fulfilling. It calls for a well-planned balance between professional commitments and creative endeavors. By acknowledging the importance of maintaining healthy routines and seeking joy in the small moments, I eagerly continue this journey of juggling two career paths with endless passion and dedication. 🚀

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