Top Books of 2023! What are your favorite reads this year? Share your top picks with us! 📚✨

  1. Books in 2023 were a wildcard but let’s dive into the delightful madness! 📚✨
  2. "The Wild Ones" by Becky Chambers – capitalism ends, an unlikely friendship begins. Cozy and heartwarming with a unique twist.
  3. "Never’s Night" by And Again – refugees, romance, and an immersive experience. A short read that packs a punch.
  4. "The Forever of Mark" by Mark Lawrence – an endless, magical journey that feels like stepping into a mysterious dream.
  5. "The Secret of Sadana" by Sadana – cozy, heartwarming, and full of adventure. A story of love, hideaways, and chances.
  6. "The Realm of the Elderlings" by Robin Hobb – a final journey with Fitz and the Fool that feels like coming home.
  7. "Empire of the Unleashed" by J. K. Elington – a military school setting with intense character interactions and a screwed-up magic system.
  8. "Sword and Dagger" by Cassandra – A city full of politics, romance, and a captivating dual perspective.
  9. "Water and Spores" by Jimenez – an epic tale of overcoming tribulations, unexpected powers, and otherworldly experiences.
  10. "Cosmere Tales" by Brandon Sanderson – an adventure tale on the sea with colored spores and trust traversing.
  11. "The Language of Stars" by Martin – intense diplomacy, backdoor deals, and the growth of human civilization in a fantasy world.
  12. "Legends of the First Empire" by Michael J. Sullivan – a cozy, epic tale of human survival and the formation of a civilization.
  13. "The Ancillary Bre" by Ann Leckie – a captivating mystery of conspiracy and an exploration of society’s biases and constructs.
  14. "The Faith of Kings" by Sir Conrad – a fantasy full of conspiracies, political powers, and unputdownable mystery.
  15. "The Century of Chan" by M. Parker – a poignant journey of identity, self-hatred, and desperate choices. A stunning conclusion to the series.

Cozy Heartwarming Reads 🌟

The Wildbuilt by Becky Chambers

This heartwarming short story collection follows characters navigating a post-capitalist society, forming unlikely friendships and finding direction in a changed world.

Funny and endearing characters
Cozy and heartwarming writing style

"The vibes were just very strong, if you love libraries." 📚

Never Saw Me Coming by Vera Kurian

This speculative fiction novel explores the refugee crisis and the lives of two individuals forced to flee, immersing readers in a story rich with emotion and intensity.

Key Takeaways:

  • Read as favorite lit book
  • Intense and immersive story experience

Unforgettable Fantasies ✨

The Empire by Mark Lawrence

Mark Lawrence’s endless magical beings and mysterious story world follow characters as they emerge from different places and lives, becoming another through a world of discovery and vibes.

Honorable Mention:

  • Secret by Sadana
  • Cozy heartwarming story with an interesting plot and unique characters

"This book delighted me with its intense characters and compelling storylines." 📝

Eldanen by Ashley Poston

This military school setting story follows a world inspired by the Roman Empire, with a hierarchy society and a hidden main character navigating intense plot twists.

Intense different inputs
Characters making intense connections and intense interactions

"Looking forward to reading more from this world and its addicting storylines." 🗡️

Captivating Standalone Reads 📖

Memories of the Emerald by Dominique Jimenez

This standalone fantasy story weaves ancestral experiences and otherworldly narratives, blending them in a captivating way that pulls readers into the story.

Key Takeaways:

  • Unique and captivating storyline
  • Expert storytelling tradition set within the story

Water by Brandon Sanderson

Set in a unique sea-traversing world, this standalone fantasy introduces Tres and her journey, offering a charming and captivating tale of epic adventures and unexpected twists.

Beloved and captivating storytelling tradition
Underrated and captivating fantasy tale

"This story is a must-read for anyone who loves enchanting tales." 🌊

Intriguing Sci-Fi Must-Reads 👽

The Tower of Stars by K. Arlidge

A gripping sci-fi story filled with intense diplomacy, backdoor deals, and complicated conversations, making it an unputdownable experience for readers.

Top Pick:

  • A mind-bending conspiracy and intense twists
  • Immersive narrative style and world-building

Ancillary by Anne Leckie

This unputdownable sci-fi mystery explores the upheaval of a soldier’s identity and conspiracy, delivering intense twists with a captivating writing style and immersive world-building.

Wildly unique and captivating storyline
Intense and jaw-dropping conspiracy twists

"This book was absolutely captivating from beginning to end and needs to be on everyone’s reading list." 🚀


These books have taken the literary world by storm, offering readers a diverse range of captivating stories from various genres. Whether you’re a fan of heartwarming tales, epic fantasies, or intense sci-fi mysteries, there’s a book on this list for everyone. Happy reading! 📚

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