Watch our 24-hour reading vlog as we swap our top fantasy books! Join us for a magical journey into different worlds and discover our favorite picks.

Swapping our favorite fantasy books for 24 hours is a wild ride! Can’t wait to dive into this series, it’s gonna change my life. But first, gotta stock up on snacks and drinks. The books are confusing at first, but it’s worth it. Obsessed with the characters already! Who knew reading could be this intense? Or that I’d be so into a wolf? Can’t wait to see what happens next! πŸ“–πŸ§šβœ¨


In this exciting 24-hour reading vlog, we are swapping our favorite fantasy books. This is the first time we’re delving into a companion reading experience, where we’ll spend 24 hours devouring each other’s fantasy novels.

Book Haul

We started off our reading challenge by stocking up on essentials, with a haul from the grocery store that included snacks, boba, and booze. Some of the notable items we picked up are:

Snack Description
Chips Double baked parmesan garlic chips
Dip Cheddar jalapeno dip
Wine A bottle of red wine

First Impressions

As we started reading, we dove into the immersive world of fantasy literature. The initial chapters introduce us to a richly detailed setting, including maps and fairy realms. The story begins to unravel with intriguing characters and magical elements.

Character Confusion

Initially, we found ourselves a bit confused as we encountered a myriad of characters and plot developments. The intricate details of the narrative left us re-reading paragraphs to grasp the nuances of the story.

Unexpected Twists

As we delved deeper into the novel, we discovered unexpected twists and turns, introducing us to a captivating love triangle and thrilling action sequences. This added a new layer of depth to the storyline, making the reading experience even more engaging.

Character Development

The evolution of the characters and their relationships added an intriguing dimension to the narrative, creating a compelling reading experience. We were drawn into the emotional journey of the characters as they navigated through an immersive world of fantasy.

Reading Through the Night

As the hours passed, we found ourselves engrossed in the unfolding saga of the fantasy novel. Despite the late hours, the captivating storyline kept us engaged, prompting us to continue reading well into the night.

Staying Energized

To sustain our reading marathon, we ensured we had ample snacks and beverages to keep us energized. This included sipping on refreshing boba drinks and indulging in crunchy noodles.

Surprising Revelations

As we progressed through the book, we encountered surprising plot twists and revelations that added layers of complexity to the narrative. The carefully woven storyline kept us captivated until the very end.


The 24-hour reading vlog provided a thrilling journey through the enchanting realms of fantasy literature. It was an immersive experience that left us craving more, eager to dive into the next installment of the series. We look forward to future reading challenges and uncovering new literary adventures.

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