Top 9 Books I Loved in 2023 πŸ†

  1. "Leech by Hen Andis poses the age-old question of power and control, but with a creepy, medical twist. It’s a Gothic science fiction that will leave you with chills. πŸ§Ÿβ€β™€οΈ"
  2. "Natural Beauty by Lingling Hong is a slow, dread-filled build, tackling uncomfortable topics like corporate greed and consumerism. A haunting read that will make you rethink beauty standards. πŸ’€"
  3. "A Mind Spread Out on the Ground by Alicia Elliot is a powerful essay collection that delves deep into colonization, intergenerational trauma, and the indigenous experience. πŸ“š"
  4. "How Beautiful We Were by Imolo Bu is a compelling literary fiction about modern colonization. It’s like putting together a puzzle in the least mystery way. 🧩"
  5. "Nothing to See Here by Kevin Wilson is a funny, conventionally told novel that’s both heartwarming and weird. A soft found family story about self-love and acceptance. πŸ˜„"
  6. "Everyone in My Family Has Killed Someone by Benjamin Stevenson is a reflective, direct-to-reader mystery novel that will make you laugh and gasp. A wild and captivating read. πŸ•΅οΈβ€β™‚οΈ"
  7. "Emily Wild’s Encyclopedia of Fairies by Heather Faucet is a cozy fantasy series that follows Emily, a determined professor, and her adventures in fairy lore. A charming and delightful read. πŸ§šβ€β™€οΈ"
  8. "Monstruo by Herard Sano Cordova is a literary horror story that delves into grief and messy relationships. A heart-wrenching and beautifully told debut. 😒"
  9. "A Little Devil in America by Hanif Abdur is a captivating essay collection that skillfully explores Black performance and culture. Warm and inviting, it’s a must-read for all. 🎭"

Is there any particular reason why you didn’t round up to the top 10 books? Let me know your thoughts!

πŸ“– Number Nine: "Leech" by Hen Andis

  • A Gothic science fiction novel that explores the colonization of bodies and minds as well as power dynamics and resource control.

πŸ“– Number Eight: "Natural Beauty" by Lingling Hong

  • This body horror novel delves into consumerism, corporate greed, and societal beauty standards, creating a slow, dread-filled narrative with an unsettling ending.

πŸ“– Number Seven: "A Mind Spread Out on the Ground" by Alicia Elliot

  • This compelling essay collection by an indigenous woman covers topics like colonization, stolen language, intergenerational trauma, and poverty, offering unique perspectives on each subject.

πŸ“– Number Six: "How Beautiful We Were" by Imolo Bu

  • A dense literary fiction novel that follows multiple generations in an African village, tackling the issues of modern colonization with a compelling storytelling style.

πŸ“– Number Five: "Nothing to See Here" by Kevin Wilson

  • This general fiction novel with a touch of weirdness explores themes of self-acceptance, found family, and unconditional love, all with a humorous tone.

πŸ“– Number Four: "Everyone in My Family Has Killed Someone" by Benjamin Stevenson

  • A direct-to-reader mystery book that offers a reflective and sometimes humorous take on family dynamics and experiences, creating a truly engaging reading experience.

πŸ“– Number Three: "Emily Wild’s Encyclopedia of Fairies" by Heather Faucet

  • The start of a cozy fantasy series that follows a determined professor and her colleague as they navigate the world of fairies, leading to delightful adventures and unexpected connections.

πŸ“– Number Two: "Monstruo" by Herard Sano Cordova

  • This literary horror story delves into grief and human relationships with a powerful, compelling narrative that explores messy but heartfelt emotions.

πŸ“– Number One: "A Little Devil in America" by Hanif Abdur

  • A thought-provoking essay collection that combines cultural critiques with personal experiences, offering a warm and inviting reading experience that prompts deep reflection.

Make sure to share your top reads of the year as well! Whether you’ve read any of these books or plan to, let’s keep the conversation going. πŸ“š

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