My Top 23 Books of 2023 (and the ones I couldn’t stand)

  1. A good book is like a sweet love affair that leaves you grinning every time.
  2. Dive into a world of forbidden love, royal intrigue, and sports romance that tackles heavy topics with grace.
  3. Skillshare is the key to unlocking your potential and achieving your goals.
  4. The Inheritance game series is the ultimate blend of mystery, academia, and romance.
  5. Cassandra CLA’s fantasy series is a captivating and immersive experience.
  6. Fairy tale retellings bring new twists and spins to classic stories, and they deserve all the hype.
  7. The Knockout series offers depth, heartbreak, and a great ending that tugs at your heartstrings.
  8. Janette MCC’s memoir is a brutally honest and impactful journey that you won’t forget.
  9. "A Deal with the Elf King" is a refreshing take on fantasy romance with dragons, war, and college romances.
  10. "From Blood and Ash" delivers complex characters, intense world-building, and a satisfying ending.

📚 Introduction

In 2023, I had the pleasure of reading some incredible books, as well as some that were not so great. Here are my thoughts on the 23 books I read this year, including my favorites and the ones that left me feeling disappointed.

💭 Takeaways

Below are the key takeaways from my experiences with the books I read in 2023:

Favorite Books Least Favorite Books
– "Love by Painter" – "Legends"
– "Forbidden Love" – "Enemy’s Lover"
– "The Knockout" series – "Romeo"
– "The Inheritance Game" series

📖 Love by Painter

The romance novel "Love by Painter" by Kennedy captivated me with its depth and exploration of various topics. It went beyond a simple love story and delved into insecurities, stereotypes, and biases, making it a memorable read.

📚 Reading Challenge

I set a goal to read 100 books in 2023 and managed to complete 89, including engaging with different genres and learning through platforms like Skillshare.

👑 The Inheritance Game Series

The Inheritance Game series, particularly the first book, was a standout read, combining mystery, romance, and engaging characters. It left a lasting impression and kept me hooked till the end.

👩‍🎨 Fairy Tale Retellings

Immersing myself in the fantasy world of retold fairy tales, I found "Heart of the Raven Prince" by Sarah Coroli to be a captivating and underrated gem, offering a unique take on classic tales.

🎪 Caraval Series

The Caraval series offered a refreshing and magical experience, blending elements of mystery and romance within a captivating circus setting. It completely drew me into its enchanting world.

🚀 Shatter Me Series

The Shatter Me series captured my attention with its fast-paced and atmospheric storytelling, emphasizing complex characters, relationships, and a unique magical world.

📚 Conclusion

As I rounded out my reading journey for 2023, certain books left a lasting impact, while others failed to resonate. The diverse genres, characters, and plots provided me with a well-rounded literary experience, leading to fond memories and some disappointments.

🌟 Key Takeaways

  • Discovering gems in underrated novels
  • Exploring diverse genres and new storytelling approaches
  • The importance of captivating and relatable characters


  • What were the standout themes across the books?
  • How did the reading challenge impact your perception of different genres?
  • Which book genre surprised you the most in 2023?

🔗 External Resources

For more book recommendations and in-depth discussions, check out my Goodreads profile for an extensive list of my favorite reads from 2023. Thank you for following my reading journey!

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