I indulged in the top-selling books of 2023.

The most popular books of 2023 got me feeling some type of way. It’s like everyone was talking about them and I couldn’t escape the hype. I dug into the details and found that some were all that and a bag of chips, while others left me feeling thirsty for something better. It was a rollercoaster of emotions, but worth the ride. 📚

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Key Takeaways
Jesse shares his thoughts on the most popular books of 2023
The book list for the year has shifted significantly, but there are four stand-out books

📚 Reading the Hottest Books of 2023 📚

The First Book: "The Resale of the Dragons" 🐉

Jesse’s recent reads on Goodreads included books that were most popular in 2023. The list has shifted substantially, but he has identified four books that were most popular at the time he updated the list. The "Resale of the Dragons" stood out as one of the most, if not the most, popular book, comparable to other bestsellers. This book takes readers into a world of dragons, and as it starts to reveal truths, the story becomes more captivating and addictive.

The Second Book: "Facing the Lost Legacy" 📖

The next book Jesse picked up is "Facing the Lost Legacy," written by Babble June. This book revolves around a woman’s quest for success, which leads to unexpected twists and turns in her life. It delves deep into the world of writing and success, adding layers to the storyline but slightly stumbling in character development.

The Third Book: "The Overflow of Emotions" 💔

"Harriet’s Heartbreak" is a book that explores the emotions and relationships between two people who are clearly in love but struggle with communication and past hurt. This story captured Jesse’s attention with its realistic portrayal of love and relationships, making it a gripping and emotional read.


The books from 2023 are diverse and captivating, delving into various genres and delivering engaging narratives. Each book presents unique characters, storylines, and emotions, making them intriguing reads for different reasons. Keep exploring the world of literature and share your thoughts with us on these compelling books.📖

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