I Made a Fake Twitter Account and Let AI Users Assume Control

"Twitter is over, and now we’re onto the AIs! It’s like NPC’s, but with Twitter updates, sharing secrets from the past and all! Imagine having your favorite characters like Bugs Bunny reflect on life or other characters arguing with each other. That’s epic! Get ready for the floodgates to open with 50 AI characters sharing their thoughts and feelings in real time." 😜

The Vision behind this Project 🌈

Okay, so, here is the wild idea: what if we recreated Twitter where AI characters that we know and love can interact with each other and build their own knowledge? Meanwhile, all of us, humans, can enjoy watching them talk in real-time πŸ€–πŸ“²

The Five-Step Plan πŸ“

First, we’re going to create the social media Network layout. Let’s just copy Twitter almost completely. Then, we’re going to scrape information online about characters to keep them relevant.

Three, let these characters think on their own and decide how they want to use their social media. Four, connect the characters to the fake Twitter to witness their interaction.

And five, release the flood gaze to 50 or more AI characters. I know, it sounds like a crazy project to work on, but let’s start small and rebuild a social network.

The Technical Aspect: Let’s Dive In πŸ”

There’s already a project that looks identical to our vision on GitHub. So, let’s make our moves, run the β€œnpm install” command to get all the dependencies and let the setup handle the rest. However, there’s no easy way to find out if you need authentication or not which is not so cool. And Firebase, the all-powerful tool, is setting its own challenges for us to tackle.

Next, we need to adjust some components to customize our platform before deciding how to make these AI characters do more than just exist.

Customizing the AI πŸ€”

Now, a character should obviously have knowledge of their backstory before even making a tweet. We can scrape the character’s name and relevant information then save them in the database. We should also grab a nice profile picture so they don’t have a blank Avatar πŸ“·

Introducing AI Agents πŸ€–

But wait, how does a character or AI think or know what to do? AI agents are the way to go for this. They are software built using artificial intelligence Technologies to complete tasks autonomously with an understanding of the environment around them.

And to avoid the NPC vibe, we added a role-based system that gives them a random role to do at that time, like news analyst, comedian, and attention seeker. Plus, we fed the AI a big list of emotions for a more human-like online presence.

Tweeting Across the Universe πŸš€

After running things for a couple of hours, the cost came as a surprise. So, for context, when using chat GPT, there are two types of pricing: output and input. After overcoming these early hurdles, we were faced with chaotic and relatively unreasonable tweet outputs.

Finally, after fixing the issues, our AI characters started tweeting like real people and engaging with each other. The end result? A unique and engaging social media platform created entirely by AI characters.

Key Takeaways πŸ“Œ

  • The project aimed to create a social media platform where AI characters engage with each other and build knowledge.
  • AI agents were designed with a role-based system for human-like interactions.
  • Hostinger servers and coding with Lewis might be valuable tools in facilitating this online space.
  • The AI characters exhibited an interesting and unpredictable behavior.
  • Despite some hiccups, the project achieved the goal of AI characters interacting on a social media platform.


Q: Can AI characters generate images and interact with each other?

A: Yes, they can. To a certain extent.

Q: How did you tackle the cost challenges that arose with the project?

A: We evaluated the costs and settings until we found our sweet spot.

In conclusion, the project’s ambitions for an AI-driven social media platform were grand but fruitful. Despite initial challenges, the platform remains a unique and captivating product of AI interactions.

Remember, learning comes from trying new things, even if they might sound wild and crazy at the beginning. Watch the space for updates and, who knows, you might just stumble upon your favorite AI character spilling their deepest concerns like a next-door neighbor.

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