Top picks for the best books of 2023 📖💫

Best books of 2023 can make your heart sing 🎶📚 From fantasy to romance, these top 10 books are a journey of emotions. Heavenly Bodies by Imani Erie is a solid fantasy with shadow and sun powers, while Breaker by Brandon Sanderson is a stunning start to a series. Yours by Tessa Bailey surprised me with its anxiety representation and lovely romance. Jade Legacy by Fonda Lee and Project Hail Mary by Andy Weir are absolute game-changers! Let’s see what 2024 has in store for us! Cheers to more amazing reads!

Heavenly Bodies by Imani Eru 🌟

In 10th place, my favorite book of the year was "Heavenly Bodies" by Imani Eru. This solid fantasy novel features a celestial female main character with shadow powers and a male main character with sun powers. The dynamic between them and the beautiful writing made this a really fun and enjoyable read.

Features Details
Genre Fantasy
Unique Characters Celestial and Light Powers
Writing Style Beautiful and Engaging

To Break by Brandon Sanderson 📚

Next is "To Break" by Brandon Sanderson. This proper novel was a fantastic read with a great writing style and memorable characters.

Key Takeaways

  • Five-star rating for a well-written plot
  • Memorable experience with fantasy literature

Yours by Jimenez 📘

This contemporary romance novel "Yours" by Jimenez has some of the best anxiety representation I have seen in a romance novel. The author’s writing and character work are truly one of a kind.


"This book is so special to me and a definite all-time favorite."

The Face by RF Kuang 🌈

"The Face" by RF Kuang is a uniquely wonderful read with a writing style and satire that brings a fresh perspective to the fantasy genre.

An eye-opening commentary on the bookish community and publishing.

Beautiful World, Where Are You 🌎

"Beautiful World, Where Are You" is another compelling read by an author who consistently delivers exceptional literature. Sally Rooney’s character work is unmatched and this book is no exception.


  • Best book for character-driven narratives
  • A captivating story from start to finish

Actor Age by Talia Hibbert 🎭

"Talia Hibbert’s "Actor Age" was a quick-witted and humorous read with beautiful prose and unexpected character dynamics.

Highlights Notes
5-Star Rating For unexpected storytelling
Memorable Quote "An unexpected romance with unforgettable characters."

Down and Out by Olivia Dade 🗒️

"Down and Out" by Olivia Dade is a pure delight and a truly action-packed romance with reluctant allies and unforgettable family dynamics.

An exciting romance that will leave you eagerly anticipating the next book in the series.

Ashes and the Star King by Broadbent 🌠

"Ashes and the Star King" by Broadbent is a perfect conclusion to an engaging fantasy romance series.

Fan Favorite
"A captivating vampire fantasy romance that leaves a lasting impression."

Jade Legacy by Fonda Lee 🏮

Fonda Lee’s "Jade Legacy" is a breathtaking conclusion to an epic series, with well-crafted characters and a compelling narrative that kept me hooked from start to finish.


  • Memorable finale
  • An unforgettable reading experience

Project Mary by Andy 📚

Finally, "Project Mary" by Andy is not only my best book of the year, but one of the best books I’ve ever read. This book truly bewitched me with its writing and characters.

2023 was a decent year for reading, but I’m looking forward to an even better 2024. Thank you for your continued support, and I wish you all a fantastic day and a joyous holiday season!

Italicized Text
I can’t wait for the incredible reading experiences that lie ahead in 2024.

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