My Top Reads of 2023 📚✨

  1. 2023 was a reading rollercoaster! The top 15 books of the year were a mix of moody thrillers, heart-wrenching horrors, and spellbinding stories. 😱📚
  2. From toxic friendships to haunting romances, this year’s reads had it all. Can’t wait to share my top picks with you! Get ready to dive into a world of page-turning wonder. 🌟
  3. What stood out the most this year were the stories that left an emotional mark. These books weren’t just entertaining, they were soul-stirring. Here’s to chasing more literary highs in 2024! 📖✨

👀 Exciting Books 📚

This video marks the end of another year, and I’m thrilled to share that I’ve read a total of 15 great books this year – 10 of which I’ll be featuring in this video. From gripping thrillers to haunting horror stories, I’ve truly loved every one of them and am excited to share the details with you.

My Reading Journey 📖

Readers and book lovers alike know the excitement of discussing books, discovering new reading habits, and tracking their progress. As someone who enjoys Goodreads as a platform to connect with others and showcase my reading journey, creating lists and following others for book recommendations has always been an enjoyable part of the reading process.

Top Favorites 📚💡

This year, one of my top favorites was "The Restaurant of Love Regained" by Ito Ogawa. This gripping novel by Ogawa captivated me from start to finish, and kept me engrossed in the thrilling narrative of crime, drama, and suspense.

Horror and More 🧛‍♂️

I also read "Abby and the Haunted Asylum" – a horror story about Abby’s unsettling experiences in a haunted facility, and "The Book Riot" – a thrilling and intriguing novel that offers a unique take on love, romance, and the literary world.

A Touch of Real Life 📖🌟

One of the books that left a lasting impression on me this year was "The Case of the Shattered Mirror". This poignant and moving collection of stories offers readers a glimpse into the lives, journeys, and experiences of various characters through powerful storytelling.

Eerie and Emotional 📚😢

Another remarkable read was "The Monster in My House", a touching and emotional story that delves into themes of tragedy, loss, and resilience. It’s a heart-rending tale that addresses the complexities of life, relationships, and growth.

Unique Narratives 🧙‍♀️📘

As someone who enjoys literary fiction with a hint of fantasy, "Magical Encounters" intrigued me with its magical elements, intriguing narrative, and characters grappling with their extraordinary abilities.

Diverse Perspectives 📖🎭

Lastly, I’d like to mention "This Is How You Lose the Time War", a powerful book that offers a deep and introspective look at time, love, and humanity through a unique and poignant lens.

Impactful Prose 📚✍️

The raw and honest storytelling in "Turn Away, My Heart" impressed me greatly, and I found the book’s exploration of human emotions and experiences profoundly moving.

A Powerful Debut 💥📚

Finally, "A Little Red Light" – a thought-provoking and impactful debut novel – stood out to me with its poignant narrative and strong societal commentary on important issues surrounding sexual violence and assault.

Have Your Say 🗣️

These books may have resonated with me, but I’m curious to know about your top reads from 2023 and what made them special to you. Feel free to share your thoughts, favorite books, and recommendations – I’d love to hear from you!

Key Takeaways

  • "The Restaurant of Love Regained" by Ito Ogawa is a gripping tale of crime, drama, and suspense.
  • "The Case of the Shattered Mirror" offers poignant insights into diverse human experiences and emotions.
  • "A Little Red Light" provides a thought-provoking examination of societal issues surrounding sexual violence and assault.

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