“Easy 5-Step Guide to Earning $100/Day on Pinterest (Online Money Making 2024)”

You don’t need a crystal ball to see the future of making money online. Just leverage Pinterest and Instagram, create original content easily, find hot trends, and promote products that fit the bill. With verbo from wondershare, creating eye-catching Avatar talking videos is a breeze. Find the right Niche, create a business Pinterest account, and start making that easy moneyπŸ’°. And don’t forget to rock your own avatar videos while doing it!

Creating Original Content Easily with Verbo πŸŽ₯

In this section, I’m going to show you how to create original content easily using Verbo from Wondershare. Verbo is an AI video generation app that allows you to create eye-catching Avatar talking videos. You can choose from various themes and customize your video with text, stickers, and music. With Verbo, you can make the magic happen and create captivating Avatar videos in just a few minutes!

Features Benefits
Various Avatar options Customize your video based on different themes
AI script feature Helps with the creation of the script
Translation feature Translate the script to another language
Fine-tune voice settings Control the voice and accent of your Avatar

Finding Trending Topics on Pinterest πŸ“Œ

To start making money on Pinterest, the first step is to find a trending Niche. By visiting trends.com Pinterest.com, you can explore the top trending topics, such as Christmas themes and holiday ideas. Once you have identified the trending topics, you can create a business Pinterest account and start exploring the filters and insights to target your audience effectively.

"Keep your finger on the pulse of Pinterest trends to maximize your earning potential."

Creating Your Pinterest Business Account 🧬

After identifying the trending topics on Pinterest, the next step is to create a business Pinterest account. By providing the necessary details about your business and selecting the type of content you’ll be creating, you can set up your account to start sharing original pins and driving traffic to your offers.

Key Takeaways:

  • Utilize the filters and insights on Pinterest to identify trending keywords and topics
  • Tailor your business account to match the trending Niche and audience preferences

Finding Products to Sell and Getting Commission πŸ’Έ

Finding the right products to promote on Pinterest is crucial for maximizing your earnings. By joining affiliate programs or applying directly to brands, you can secure products to sell and earn a commission for successful referrals. This section emphasizes the importance of selecting specific products that align with the trending topics to drive sales effectively.

Affiliate Program Details Benefits
Up to 10% commission per sale Earn substantial commissions for successful referrals
Free shipping on orders over $98 Encourage customers to make larger purchases, increasing your earnings potential

Creating a Custom Landing Page for Your Offers πŸš€

Establishing a bridge between the traffic on Pinterest and the products you’re promoting is essential. Creating a custom landing page using platforms like Link Stack allows you to showcase your offers and lead potential customers to make purchases. By customizing your landing page, you can improve the appeal and effectiveness of your promotions.

"A well-crafted landing page can significantly boost your conversion rates and earnings."


In conclusion, leveraging the power of Pinterest to make money online requires an understanding of trending topics, product selection, and creative content creation. By following the step-by-step guide outlined in this article, you can kickstart your journey to earning $100 per day using Pinterest and Verbo. Remember to continuously engage with your audience and stay updated on the latest trends to maximize your earning potential. Happy pinning and profiting! πŸ“Œβœ¨

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