Top Picks for 2023: Home, Beauty, Organization, Self-Care, and Books!

2023’s best buys? Let’s break it down. My go-to foundation is Chanel Le Beige for a glowy, healthy look. For contour, I use a pen that easily contours my nose. Also, Dior lip oil is a must-have for juicy, luscious lips. And don’t miss out on the aroma of BU baby powder – it’s heavenly! Oh, and if you want drama-free, v-shaped results, try Botox. And for the organized folks, rotating closet organizers and a smart home system are game-changers. And for a good read, "Verity" is a must-have. Trust me, it’s worth it! Happy shopping! 😊

📦 Key Takeaways

Here are some of the best purchases of 2023 for home, beauty, organizing, self-care, and books.

💄 Foundation and Contour

I’ve been using the CU Cover Foundation and I absolutely love it. The Chanel Le Beige Fluid is perfect for achieving a healthy, glowy skin finish. And for contour, a pen from Amber is absolutely amazing – it gives my nose a perfectly contoured look.

| Product | Description |

| ———– | ——– |
| CU Cover Foundation | Perfect coverage |
| Chanel Le Beige Fluid | Gives a healthy, glowy finish |
| Amber Contour Pen | Provides a contoured look |

🌸 Blush and Lip Products

The Rose Powder and Fresh Blush are great for adding a pop of color to your cheeks. For the lips, the Dior Lip Oil and Herod Gloss are my go-tos.

  • Rose Powder: Gives a pink-toned, makeup-ready look
  • Fresh Blush: Provides a natural, water-like finish

💆‍♀️ Hair and Skin Care

For hair care, the Revor Cherry Oil really moisturizes and brings a beautiful shine. And When it comes to skin, the Depo products have been a game-changer. The Hydro Toner and Bright Complete Vitamin C Cream have significantly improved my skin.

| Product | Description |

| ———– | ——– |
| Revor Cherry Oil | Moisturizes and adds shine to the hair |
| Depo Hydro Toner | Improves skin tone and texture |
| Bright Complete Vitamin C Cream | Helps reduce dark spots |

💡 Conclusion

These purchases have truly made a difference in my daily routine and overall lifestyle. From beauty enhancements to practical home products, I am extremely satisfied with these amazing finds. Each item serves a specific purpose and has been a great addition to my collection.


  • Can you share more details about the CU Cover Foundation?
  • Where can I find the Amber Contour Pen?
  • What’s the longevity of the Revor Cherry Oil for hair?

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